Telos Systems makes products for sending high quality audio over the dial-up telephone network, which can transmit Stereo CD quality audio over a single ISDN line. With quality like this, why leave the house? And, it shreds MP3s. Click here to get more information on this incredible piece of technology.

DG Systems is the leading provider of digital distribution services to the broadcast advertising industry. DG operates the only network designed specifically for media distribution and has over 7,500 radio and 600 TV stations on-line across North America. Over 350 studios and 4,000 broadcasters can upload audio or video to our network using DG supplied workstations. Tell me where you want it, when and traffic instructions, then take the rest of the day off! Click here to get more information about DG Systems.

The best way to distribute and traffic broadcast audio spots! We focus on one thing - moving spots and traffic around reliably and cost-effectively. Click here for more information incorporates the specific needs of the advertising agency, the production facility and radio station to deliver radio advertising using the Internet. Click here for more info.

Of course, there's always the ol' standby. When it absolutely, positively has to be there (the next day).

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Dream Gift Media can also deliver an MP3 of our production directly to your e-mail address or pick it up at our FTP site. and request the URL. Can't beat that!!

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